The Górka Palace was constructed around 1540 by the rearrangement of some neighbouring Gothic houses. Its original, Early Renaissance gate from 1548, inner yard with column gallery and two rooms on the second floor are still preserved. Architect unknown.

Earlier functions of the building:

early 16th cent. to 1592
17th to mid – 18th cent.
mid – 18th cent. to 1793
1836 – 1880
1880 – 1945
– seat of Górka family (arms of Łodzia)
– seat of Czarnkowski family
– Benedictine monastery
– state school for girls
– apartment house


The Palace has been qualified as a scheduled monument (no. A 25 / 30.III.1971). Destroyed during the Second World War, it was reconstructed in the years 1958-67 and adapted as a seat of the Museum.