Current exhibition:

In the heart of the ancient city. Five years of research of Kraków archaeologists at Paphos Agora in Cyprus (2011 – 2015).

Past exhibitions:

Owieczki – a cultural landscape

The mammoth and its hunters

Extraordinary forms of vessels from the Roman Influence Period

Nubia around 966

The hoard from Siedlików

In the Middle Ages by the river

Markets, merchants and commodity money

Beer in ancient Sudan

Biskupin – a place of magic

An isle in the sea of sand. Petroglyphs at Dakhla Oasis in the Western Desert

The silver of Boleslaw Chrobry

The Ćmachowo “crown”The oldest script of the world – cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia

Fortified early mediaeval settlements on the middle Warta river

Tell el-Farkha. The beginnings of the Egyptian state

Cliff cities (May-June)

Bronze breastplates and their presentations on vessels (March – April 2013)

Erich Blume (November – December 2012)

Egyptian Dream (January – February 2013)