The Museum’s publishing tradition goes back to the  period before the 2nd World War. Headed by Prof. Józef Kostrzewski, the PrehistoryMuseum, as it used to be known,  published  periodical journals “Z otchłani wieków” and “Przegląd Archeologiczny”. In 1950, after “Przegląd Archeologiczny” had been taken away from what was now becameArchaeologicalMuseum, a new journal “Fontes Praehistorici”, later renamed “Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses”, was established. Its first chief editor was Józef Kostrzewski, to be followed by successive directors of the Museum. Apart from “FAP” other titles, both academic and for the general public, are published. They come in several series: “Bibliotheca Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses”, “Poznańskie Zeszyty Archeologiczne-Konserwatorskie”, “Studies in African Archaeology” and “Biblioteka Popularnonaukowa Muzeum Archeologicznego w Poznaniu”.

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